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What we do

We are a full service Property Maintenance Company that provides an unlimited range of services in order to manage any projects or repairs you may have. We have a custom maintenance plan for all types of properties, whether it's a single family residence, vacation home, investment property, or hunting ground we can take care of your stress so you can get back to living.

Our services

We provide more services than we can list, if you are in need of a service you don't see listed or have a question feel free to contact us.

  • Errand Service
    Sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day to get all your errands done. Common Ground's Errand Service is your answer. Grocery shopping, dry cleaning, or even office administrative duties...
  • Snow Removal
    Every year Emergency Rooms report thousands of  injuries due to slipping on snow or ice. Don't get snowed in this year, with one call to us we can get your...
  • Home Inspection
    Your home is one of your most necessary and valuable financial assets. You have invested a lot of money in it, and you depend on it to provide shelter for you...
  • Disaster Recovery
    Let's pray that you are never faced with a disaster in your home, but if it does happen rest assure that Common Ground is here to help you recover from your tragedy....
  • Chimney Sweep
    Your chimney is designed to carry dangerous flue gases from your fireplace, wood stove or furnace safely out of you home. One of the byproducts of burning wood is a...
  • Pest Control
    Its bad enough when your cousin shows up uninvited and decides to stay with you for a couple months, but its even worse when your unwanted guests are rodents or insects. Not...

How Can We Help You?

Homeowner, Landlord, or you just need a little extra help. We have the solutions to all your Real Estate needs.

Our team

We are professionals focused on providing the best possible service and value available